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Karen Steele, Bell Program Director, 99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto.

“JJ is a driven and motivated coach who can help bring out the best in your team.  JJ  has a unique approach to look at a situation from all
angles and can help your team deliver a targeted solution for your business. JJ brings enthusiasm and passion into any environment. 
With JJ Johnston, - it’s not how can we do this?"

Blair Bartrem, Senior Program Director (formerly Q107 Toronto, MIX Toronto and Montreal).

"Not only was JJ a mentor to me who taught me so much over the years, he instilled in me the importance of never settling on “good enough.”  He has the wonderful ability to identify what needs to be done and puts together a comprehensive strategy that produces results.  He’s creative, stays current and understands the business from a 30,000 foot level and right into the trenches. JJ is like lightning in a bottle. Question is; "are you ready for to unleash his energy to work for you?"

Heidi Baiden, Market Manager Bell Radio London.

"I had such a great experience with JJ Johnston as my coach in 2013 and 2014 and his influence and support is a huge part of the reason I achieved my long-time goal of becoming a Program Director. JJ is obviously incredibly smart, knowledgeable and experienced. However, he is also amazing at offering feedback and constructive criticism in a way the feels supportive and non-threatening. I felt very comfortable asking questions and being completely open and honest with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend JJ's services as a coach and would be pleased to talk one-to-one about my experiences."

Robin Ram, former General Manager Vista Radio.

“Having worked and managed in the entertainment industry across North America, I felt that my biggest concern would be transitioning into the Radio Broadcast industry in a timely manner. JJ’s Coaching program allowed me to expedite the process in learning the nuances of the industry. His attention to detail, the structured follow up and the ability to reach him when needed provided an assurance as well as checks and balances that I was proceeding as I intended. I would strongly recommend you and your program to others and you can have them reach out to me if required. Finally, a friendly and supportive ear on the other end of the phone is very much appreciated when moving into a new position and location.”

Dave Reynolds, Morning Show Host CNKX Radio.

“If you have hired JJ Johnston as a talent coach, congratulations! You are VERY wise. If you are THINKING about hiring JJ Johnston as a talent coach, JUST DO IT! It will be the most beneficial thing you have ever done for your career and the careers of those in your charge. I have witnessed JJ successfully guide the broadcasting paths of many. I am so very fortunate to be one of them.”

Rob Seguin, Corus Radio Program Director, Peterborough.

“JJ is an insightful coach who is passionate about seeing his clients and protégés flourish.  He is focused on setting you up for success by helping you set achievable goals.  He is also determined to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and courageously maneuver in unfamiliar waters.  While you can count on JJ to be empathetic to your limitations, he’s sure to help you discover strengths you never knew you had.  JJ is straightforward and transparent.  Honest and trustworthy.  Confident and optimistic.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!”

Brian Bailey, Corus Radio Program Director, Kingston.

“Working with JJ changed my thinking about being a leader in the workplace - it's about and setting clear expectations and asking the right questions! He gave me new strategies for networking and getting noticed, and helped immensely with my on-air delivery - it is possible to sound energetic and conversational at the same time, it's all about your tone. It's important to have allies who can help guide your career path and I'd recommend JJ to anyone who is looking for an experienced opinion and expert advice.”